Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It's very easy. You ask a question, then answer a question. The question you answer will be completely random and from one of our other members. Meanwhile, someone will answer your question. This can take up to half an hour, so please be patient. You will have a chance to score the answer you are given.

Can I contact the person who answered my question?

No. I'm sure you want to carry on the conversation but you can't. This means that QuestionSwap is free from bullying and harrassment and you are able to build your online profile in a safe and fun fashion.

What are swaps?

If you get a question you don't want to answer, then you can swap it for another. You get 5 swaps a day. If a question gets 3 swaps then it is sent to the 'question graveyard' - never to return. This will mean that terrible questions are removed from the site using democratic people power.

How is it different to other social networks and communities?

I don't know about you, but my social network has pretty much become an echo chamber of my own views. And on community sites there is a good chance that views different to yours are voted down out of sight. QuestionSwap will allow you to dance with a wide variety of different viewpoints to challenge your mindset. And as there is no chance to respond to an answer, there is no opportunity for the discussion to descend into another fruitless internet debate.

Who is behind this site.

Me. My name is Adam Marmaras and I built QuestionSwap in my spare time. If you want to get in touch then contact me at adam at

I've seen this site before...

QuestionSwap was an idea I first had in 2006. Quickly cobbled together using classic ASP and an Access database I launched it and posted it on the reddit of it's day - - late one night. To my surprise people used it and liked it, and soon a few thousand questions had been posted. Realising that it needed a better home I rebuilt the site using and MySql. I've never proclaimed to be a programming wizard but it managed to do the trick and the site continued to grow. Then things really took off. Over 100 questions a minute were passing through the site and my creaky code started to creak. With every answer an email was sent out putting the server under enormous strain. What you are looking at now is a resurrection of the old idea, but done a lot better. It uses a lot of Angular, TypeScript and C# MVC.